This product combines the positive qualities of three different nitrogen fertilizers – ammonium nitrate, urea and ammonium thiosulphate; all advantages of liquid nitrogen fertilizer in combination with sulfur. This makes it unique, it can give the best start to any crop and is applicable not only to massive field crops, but also to vegetable production, perennials, vines, etc. The presence of the three forms of nitrogen in combination with sulfur are not its main advantages; ammonium thiosulphate acts as an inhibitor of nitrification processes, and thus the delivery of nitrogen is delayed and can last from 8 to 12 weeks. This makes it the best solution for pre-sowing arable crops.

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Contents : Specification :
Appearance Transparent liquid
Urea min. 34,5 ±1%
Ammonium Nitrate min. 45,7 ±1%
Total Nitrogen min. 28,0%
Sulfur min. 5 %
Free ammonia 0–300 ppm
Inhibitor 100–140 ppm
Water max. 20,2%
* ppm - parts per million

This product produces a maximum distribution of the active substance in the soil due to the three forms of nitrogen (amide, ammonium and nitrate) and sulfur. Losses of the active substance due to UAN or liquid nitrogenous fertilizer (UAN + S) fertilization are minimal and account for no more than 10% for the whole growing season of the crop. This makes this product the most effective nitrogen fertilizer that can provide you with the total nitrogen fertilization and nutrition of your plants.

By introducing it in winter-spring crops that need a quick start and nitrogen supply in the autumn, this is the best and most accurate way of applying. For wheat, liquid nitrogen fertilizer gives a rapid and even seed start, due to the maximum distribution of active substance in the soil. The wheat fertilized with this product will have enough nitrogen to feed the maximum number of autumn breeds, set a good root system and a braking node because it will be covered with nitrogen from germination to rest. This also applies to barley and rapeseed as well as other winter-spring crops. Legumes also benefit from this type of fertilization, while on vegetable and perennial crops this is the best solution for complete nitrogen feed.

Fertilizing spring crops with liquid nitrogen fertilizer with sulfur is the most precise solution for these plants, especially in areas where moisture is not sufficient. Applied before the last treatment or after sowing, the sulfur nitrogenous fertilizer will satisfy the nitrogen needs of the plants for a period of 8 to 12 weeks. This means that the plant is secured with nitrogen to fundamentally critical phases of its development, thus helping to develop the potential of each culture.

  • It contains three forms of nitrogen – amide, ammonium and nitrate, which allows a more even and prolonged delivery of the active substance and reduces the denitrification rate.
  • Lower take-off losses even in the absence of optimum humidity due to negligible evaporation – nitrogen loss by about 30% less than ammonium nitrate and urea.
  • Even and quality distribution and faster effect of fertilization.
  • Maximum use of the active substance even at high temperatures.
  • Neutrality with regard to soil oxidation.
  • It retains its qualities regardless of the storage period.
  • When combined with herbicides, up to 20% of the herbicide is saved, without the use of stickers. The mixture of liquid nitrogen fertilizer and herbicides has a low degree of phytotoxicity, making it applicable in all phases of growth.
  • Safety in use – it is not toxic, explosive or fire-hazardous.
  • It can be transported and stored in all types of tanks and stainless steel containers or artificial material.
  • It can be combined with plant protection work and is compatible with use in drip irrigation.